About the SES

The SES is not operating in the first half of 2021 and is presently under review

An alternative survey will be conducted via the Business Intellegence and Reporting unit

The Subject Experience Survey (SES) seeks students’ perceptions of their learning experiences in subjects taught at the University of Melbourne. Approved by the Academic Board, this instrument assists in the continuous quality improvement process for subjects.

The survey is anonymous and completed online, and allows students to respond to specific questions as well as provide general feedback on each of their subjects, towards the end of teaching and before their final assessment.

The SES has two major purposes

  • To offer students the opportunity to provide feedback on their learning, with the aim of improving the quality of subject offerings and teaching
  • At department, faculty and institutional level, to monitor the quality of the University's subject and course offerings and student learning.

Survey results are used in a number of ways

  • By subject co-ordinators or other teaching staff responsible for a subject, to monitor the student experience and to understand what students perceive as subject strengths and weaknesses
  • By department heads and deans to monitor the quality of subjects offered through their departments and faculties, giving them the opportunity to take action to remedy a problem or congratulate those associated with high 'performing' subjects, and also to ensure students are given feedback on survey outcomes
  • At University level, to monitor the overall quality of teaching and learning.

In 2011, the SES replaced the former Quality of Teaching (QoT) survey. Although similar to the QoT, the SES places a stronger focus on students' learning experiences. The move to online survey delivery also improves the survey's efficiency, and makes it easier for students to provide more detailed subject feedback.