Survey questions & structure

Questions on the Subject Experience Survey focus on students’ experiences of learning in subjects. The standard and additional questions are documented here.


The instrument includes questions which are answered on a likert scale (typically a 5-point scale, Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree), as well as free-text questions seeking qualitative feedback.

Standard questions

The SES contains a group of standard or core questions, which are common to all Subject Experience Surveys. Information is available to guide students on interpreting and responding to each of the ten standard questions.

Additional questions

Faculties have the opportunity to include additional questions after the standard questions, in order to obtain more detailed feedback which addresses discipline, department or subject-specific issues. No more than 15 questions may be added to a single survey. A list of over 150 approved additional questions is available in the Policy Library. Staff are encouraged to liaise with their Faculty SES Representative to discuss the inclusion of additional questions.

List of all SES questions

For a complete list of SES questions, please refer to the Academic Board website.