Survey promotion

Promotion of the Subject Experience Survey is critical to maintaining survey response rates. Faculties and teaching staff play an important role in endorsing the SES as a reminder that their feedback is encouraged, valued, and put to good use.

SES promo posters are available below to assist faculties promote the SES and increase survey response rates.

Promotion by Faculties

In the lead-up to major semester survey periods, faculties are encouraged to promote the SES via appropriate communication channels, which may include:

  • Faculty or program websites
  • Faculty or program newsletters
  • Noticeboards and LCD screens
  • Faculty social media accounts

Promotion by teaching staff

Teaching staff promotion of the SES is vital in obtaining high student response rates. Teaching staff should be aware of surveying dates for their subject.  During the survey period teaching staff are also encouraged to send announcements from the LMS and promote the survey in their classes.

Promotional materials

Download the following posters for use in lecture slides, announcements, noticeboards, etc.

The following text is suggested for use in lecture slides, LMS announcements, emails to students, etc.

Results from the Subject Experience Survey (SES) provide valuable feedback to the University and to your subject coordinators for subject improvements for future cohorts!

Log in directly from your SES notification email, the SES login page (, or from your LMS homepage.

Semester 2 surveys are:

  • Completely anonymous – all entries are de-identified
  • Online and available for 3 weeks
  • Can be taken on computer or your mobile

More information can be found in the student FAQs:

Survey completion in class (optional)

Teaching staff may choose to book a computer lab and allocate class time for students to complete the SES on computers or mobile devices. Teaching staff should not remain in the room while the SES is being completed by students.

Automated notifications to students

Local promotion of the survey is supported by system-generated notification and reminder emails to students during the survey period. Emails are only sent to students who have not yet completed the SES.