SES survey results

Results from Subject Experience Surveys (SES) provide valuable feedback to the University. To ensure the integrity of the data and confidentiality of responses, all results must be distributed and used in line with SES policy and procedures.

Provision of survey results to faculties

Results Summary Sheets for each surveyed subject are provided to Deans and Heads of Departments. After subject results have been released, SES Results Summary Sheets may be distributed to teaching staff.

Results are processed and analysed by Business Intelligence and Reporting (BIR) twice-yearly, and reported to TALQAC and Academic Board as the official institutional reporting of Subject Experience Survey outcomes. These reports are available to staff members from the Staff Hub, student feedback on Subject Experience Surveys (SES).

Use and interpretation of survey results

SES results are used in a number of ways, including:

  • By subject co-ordinators or other teaching staff responsible for a subject, to monitor the student experience and to understand what students perceive as subject strengths and weaknesses;
  • By department heads and deans to monitor the quality of subjects offered through their departments and faculties, giving them the opportunity to take action to remedy a problem or congratulate those associated with high 'performing' subjects, and also to ensure students are given feedback on survey outcomes;
  • At University level, to monitor the overall quality of teaching and learning.

Guidelines on the interpretation of SES data have been developed to support SES policy, and staff who have access to  survey results should become familiar with these guidelines.

Communication of survey outcomes to students

SES guidelines requires departments to implement processes to ensure students receive feedback about the outcomes of the SES  in their subjects, to demonstrate the value of student comments  and any actions taken as a result of the SES. Guidelines on providing feedback to students have been developed to support faculties in achieving policy requirements.

SES student feedback template

Outcomes of the SES should be reported to students using a template developed by the faculty, with reference to recommendations provided in the guidelines. A generic template is available, but contact your faculty SES representative to confirm your faculty's arrangements - your faculty may have a tailored version of the template.

Communication of survey outcomes via the LMS

The guidelines state subject coordinators should use the LMS to communicate results of the SES to students.

Results in the SES student feedback template should be provided to the current cohort of students in the subject once survey results have been reviewed, and also to the next cohort of students at the start of semester.

An "SES Feedback" menu item can be added to a subject's LMS site. Administrators of existing subjects can import this structure to their LMS subject by downloading the package and following the instructions below. (Preview this structure by viewing a screenshot demonstrating the display to students.) Existing content in the subject site will not be affected.

  1. Download the following zip file, containing the "SES Feedback" structure for LMS subject sites:
  2. In your LMS subject, go to CONTROL PANEL.
  3. Click PACKAGES AND UTILITIES to open the options.
  6. Click CHOOSE FILE and locate the file on your computer.
  7. Select the CONTENT AREAS checkbox (leave other options unchecked).
  8. Click SUBMIT.
  9. When the file has been imported, click the REFRESH icon at the top of the subject menu to see the new content area.

Note: once your subject includes the "SES Feedback" menu item, you will need to visit this menu item to upload your SES student feedback template.