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Authorised survey: Your current experience in your subjects

The Semester 1 Subject Experience Survey (SES) was cancelled this semester for most subjects, this alternative survey was developed to seek your feedback on the shift of your subjects to online learning this semester.

If you are concerned about the authenticity of surveys, the University issued surveys from Qualtrics at and and you can check for those addresses in your browser.

How to complete the SES

All you need to complete the SES is access to the internet on a computer or mobile device, and a few spare minutes to share your experiences.

When you have been notified that a survey is available to you, follow the simple instructions below.

  1. Visit the survey site on your computer or mobile device

  2. Login with your University username and password

    These are the same details you use to log in to my.unimelb and the LMS.

  3. Click on a survey title to begin

    • A list of all surveys available to you will be displayed. 'Open' surveys are available for you to complete. Click on the heading "Complete the questionnaire on (subject name and code)" to begin completing a survey.

    List of surveys

  4. Complete the survey

    • A new tab will open with the survey for that subject
      Complete the questions shown, clicking ‘Next’ to view subsequent screens
    • Make sure that your responses relate to the subject listed at the top of the survey, and that you correctly use the 'Strongly Disagree' > 'Strongly Agree' scale.

    Completing survey page one

  5. Click on 'Submit' to finish

    • On the last screen click on ‘Submit’ to complete your survey. To return and complete a survey later, click on ‘Save’ at any time
    • Changes cannot be made after you press 'Submit', so check your response first.

    Completing survey final page

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