Support, assistance & frequently asked questions

Accessing & completing the Subject Experience Survey

  • How do I know if there is a survey available for me to complete?

    Surveys are open towards the end of each subject's teaching period, and you will be advised when they are open in a number of ways:

    • Your teaching staff will advise you in class, and may also provide information via the LMS or email.
    • You can login to SES at any time to see which surveys are available, and to complete them.
  • How do I access the Subject Experience Survey?

    Login to the Subject Experience Survey directly from the SES login page. Use your standard University username and password to login.

    For step by step instructions on logging in and completing surveys, visit the how to complete the SES page.

  • Disability assistance - can I get help completing the survey?

    Yes, you can. For assistance filling in the online SES form, please contact your support worker or the University of Melbourne Student Equity and Disability Support.

  • Why can't I login to the Subject Experience Survey?

    Try the following troubleshooting tips:

    • Make sure you're using the correct login page (, or using the link within the LMS.
    • Make sure you're using your standard University username and password. This data is case sensitive - use the right combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. (If you need to reset your password, visit the University account management website).
    • Only students can login to the survey tool. If you are a staff member as well as a student, make sure you are using your student profile.

    If none of these tips solve your problems, contact the SES support request for assistance - please describe any error messages and provide an image of you error.

  • When I login to the SES, why aren't there any surveys available to me?

    Surveys may not be available for the following reasons:

    • None of your subjects have active surveys at this point - try again later, or contact your department to find out when surveys will open.
    • Your enrolment in the subject has not been formalised within the survey system: students must be officially enrolled in a subject to have access to its survey.

    If you believe your subject survey is available to other students, and you should have access, contact the SES support request for assistance - please provide your subject name and subject code.

  • Why am I receiving multiple emails which ask me to complete the SES?

    The Subject Experience Survey is an official University activity, and all eligible students receive notifications to complete the survey via their University email address. Reminders will no longer be sent to you once you have completed your surveys.

    You may receive multiple reminders if:

    • The Survey is open for students complete and you have not yet completed the survey.
    • You are enrolled in subjects with different start days for the survey
    • You are enrolled in subjects which are surveyed over different survey periods.
  • I completed a survey but want to change (or retract) my response. Can I redo the survey?

    Yes. You will be allowed to alter your responses till the survey close date. After the survey has closed, you will not be able to make any changes.

    To change your response, please follow the below steps:

    1. Log into the SES at
    You can also follow the link in your SES notification email
    2. Click on the completed button (located in the far-right corner for the subject that you would like to change your response for)
    3. Make desired changes, click next and review all pages.
    4. Once you are on the last page (Progess bar displays 100%), please click Submit

Survey questions & responses

  • What questions are being asked and what sort of responses do I need to provide?

    Each survey has 12 common questions that are asked across all subjects.

  • Where can I give other general comments about the subject, which don't fit into the questions on the survey?

    Please provide any additional feedback about your subject experiences in questions 11 and 12 of the survey - these free text questions ask you to focus on the 'best aspects' of the subject, and those aspects which you believe 'should be improved', however any general observations and comments would also be valued.

Survey timing

  • The survey is open while I'm trying to study for assessment. Can't the survey be completed after final assessment?

    Due to practical and policy constraints which direct the timing of surveys, it is difficult to time them all perfectly. The University’s policy is that subject surveys must close before your final assessment so that your experience of the subject is separated from your final grades. This means that your feedback is not related to your marks, or your experience of your final assessment. Please provide as much feedback as you can while the survey is open. It will not be possible to complete the survey after that date.

  • How can I evaluate the subject when it hasn't finished yet?

    The SES is designed to gather feedback while the subject is still running for a number of reasons. The main factor in timing the survey is to comply with University policy which separates your feedback about the subject from your final assessment task. In addition, your comments will be more fresh and relevant to the teaching of the subject now than if you were giving feedback from memory. Surveys are timed towards the end of the teaching period for each subject so that your feedback can be as rich as possible, but they must close before your final assessment. Please just provide the best feedback you can, at the time the survey is available.

  • I missed a survey deadline. Can I complete the survey now?

    Unfortunately survey responses cannot be accepted after the survey has closed. However if you would still like to provide feedback, please contact your department or Student Centre to provide feedback directly (this feedback will not be included within formal SES reporting).

Confidentiality & results use

  • Is the Subject Experience Survey anonymous?

    Yes, the Subject Experience Survey is anonymous. Your name and student number are not associated with your response. Visit the your confidentiality page for more information.

  • If the SES is anonymous, why do I need to login to complete it?

    The reason why you need to login to complete surveys is so that the survey software can display the right surveys according to your enrolment and you are not presented with surveys for subjects you have not undertaken.

    While the system is configured so that survey results will be anonymous to teaching staff and departments, it does retain information to show who has and who has not responded to a survey. This means that we can remind students who have not yet responded to complete their surveys.

  • Can survey responses influence my marks in the subject?

    No, and there are two good reasons why not:

    • Your responses are anonymous - teaching staff can't identify your response unless you specifically mention something to identify yourself in your comments.
    • Survey results are not provided to teaching staff until after subject results have been released to students.

Other support

  • My question or problem isn't addressed here. Who can I contact for more help?

    If you have read the Frequently Asked Questions on this page and still have a question or problem, don't worry - we can help you!

    • For information about timing of surveys for a particular subject, please contact your Subject Coordinator.
    • For technical support, or other questions/comments about the SES, please submit a support request for further assistance